A blogging transplant

Hello folks.

Until recently, I’ve been blogging on the “A Man’s a Man” site, an alternative digital men’s magazine. Since the editor of the site has lassoed a dream job in London, it will unfortunately be closing its virtual doors… but I’ve decided to perform open-blog-surgery and move my historical and future columns to a new home on this page.

I’ll be writing mostly about the critical things in my life:

  • Parenthood, which is currently impending
  • Gaming, which is a lifelong passion
  • Politics and Philosophy, in a ridiculously amateurish way
  • The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which I discovered late in life and now feel terribly involved with

Cool stuff is also likely to make an appearance, as and when it rears its head.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll be posting my historical columns to this blog, then following them up with new material as it surfaces. Hopefully you’ll have some fun reading them – I certainly enjoy it from the other side of the keyboard.

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